03 June 2020 22:29

The temperature in Fuerteventura is 22.0°C, with 3.5 MPH winds.


The world-wide weather data is provided by the NOAA National Weather Service.

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Station: GCFV, Latitude: 28:27N, Longitude: 013:52W
Updated: 03:00 on 04 Jun 2020

Temperature22.0 °C
Dew point18.0 °C
Atmospheric pressure1014 mb
Wind direction330° (NNW)
Wind speed3.5 mph
Gust speed0.0 mph
Cloud coverageclear skies, unlimited visibility

Manchester, UK

Station: EGCC, Latitude: 53:21N, Longitude: 002:17W
Updated: 03:20 on 04 Jun 2020

Temperature8.0 °C
Dew point6.0 °C
Atmospheric pressure1008 mb
Wind direction310° (NW)
Wind speed4.6 mph
Gust speed0.0 mph
Cloud coverage

New York City, NY USA

Station: KNYC, Latitude: 40:47:00N, Longitude: 073:58:00W
Updated: 02:51 on 04 Jun 2020

Temperature19.0 °C
Dew point18.0 °C
Atmospheric pressure1006 mb
Wind direction° (N)
Wind speed mph
Gust speed mph
Cloud coverageclear