01 July 2022 08:51

The temperature in Fuerteventura is 21.0°C, with 18.4 MPH winds.

Plumbing...changing the fittings

It is a well known fact that chemicals in cement and plaster attack the copper and brass fittings. The plumbing at Cocosol is at least 15 years old and is buried in the solid block walls. With this in mind we decided to change our fittings. This was a very wise decision as we found that all the fittings were split and seeping into the walls and were only an accident inevitably waiting to happen.

Ferreteria El Mattoral

The job itself is either best carried out by a qualified plumber or an experienced diy person.

Tools Required: hammer, bolster chisel, pipe slice/cutter, blow torch, wire wool, file

Materials Required: isolator valve, flexi-hose, 15mm plastic tubing, 15mm pipe support sleeve for tubing (top hat inserts), 90 degree elbow, PTFE tape. These items are easily obtainable from the Ferreteria at El Mattoral or Pepe's at Caleta.

Exterior Stop Tap

Firstly turn off the water supply. We have installed an outside stoptap to our property. Some properties have individual stoptaps, some don't - just luck of the draw I'm afraid!

Drain down the water.

Using the hammer and bolster chisel expose the pipework, allowing just enough space to work on the pipe, remembering that you will either have to heat up an existing fitting to remove it from the copper pipe or use the pipe slice to cut the pipe higher than the fitting. Accessibility will really determine which way you tackle this problem.

Pipe Support Sleeves

Once you have cut into the pipe and cleaned the pipe of old solder and imperfections, it is a relatively straightforward job to connect a new compression fitting to the existing pipe. Again you will have to decide whether this fitting is a T, elbow or straight coupling. From this point on you can now change to 15mm plastic piping, remembering at every joint to insert a pipe support sleeve.

Isolator Valve

At the end of the plastic pipe you will finish with an isolator valve connected to a flexi-hose which in turn is connected to the WC, wash-hand basin etc. Use PTFE tape on the threaded joints.

Plumbing Materials

Flexi-hoses come in a range of sizes from 100mm to 600mm with male and female fittings so please check when purchasing. With regards to repairing the walls, you must cover the pipes, joints and fittings with Duc tape or similar to stop the plaster and cement adhering to and affecting the pipes. From this point onwards replastering and tiling etc is a formality.