12 August 2022 11:58

The temperature in Fuerteventura is 26.0°C, with 15.0 MPH winds.

The Play Area

The Play Area at Cocosol, behind the back row of bungalows, is in need of some attention so that everybody can utilise the area for fun and games.

The younger generation of Cocosol would greatly benefit from this area if we, as a community, could provide a few items for the play area such as basketball nets, portable goalposts etc.

In the meantime, one of the residents has kindly given up his own time and money to repair and paint the dishevelled walls.

Crazy Cats

Jonas is this very generous, talented person.

Known locally as Snr Rubio - Mister Blonde - Jonas' inspiration for the theme on the first wall came after one of the "Cocosol Cats" befriended him.

As Jonas recalls - The story started one cold night when one of the cats, a ginger one named Cariño, jumped through the window of his bungalow and went to sleep on his bed. The next morning Cariño was miaowing and Jonas didn't know what she wanted. He gave her milk - she did not want it. He gave her tuna - again she did not want it and would not stop miaowing.

Jonas went to work and on the way home bought a different cat food. Still Cariño was miaowing. Jonas didn't know what to do. He thought "This cat is crazy!!"

Crazy cats

This gave Jonas the inspiration for his next piece of work, a tribute to the Cocosol cats. Jonas thought about all the different cats on the complex and across the world, he researched on the internet how cats around the world were treated and concluded that they were helpful animals and good companions for people.

Jonas then saw the run-down play area, thought about painting something and decided it would be good to paint a mural about the cats of Cocosol and cats around the world as he felt they have a difficult life. Jonas then sought permission to paint the walls and pictured here is the final result.

Cariño now stays with Jonas at his bungalow, they are now able to communicate.

Jonas firmly believes that it is lucky if one of the Cocosol cats visits you.

Work then progressed to repair and complete the long back wall with a cowboy theme.

Painting Painting Painting Painting


What a fantastic way to brighten up a children's play area!

This is how the wall used to look. Which do you prefer?