12 August 2022 11:56

The temperature in Fuerteventura is 26.0°C, with 15.0 MPH winds.

Playa Blanca

Playa Blanca beach can be found between the Parador National (see below) and the capital Puerto del Rosario.

Just follow the signs for the Parador. There is plenty of parking alongside the sand dunes.

Beyond the dunes is a beautiful stretch of sandy beach which is not very wide, so very handy for that occasional dip in the sea! However, you will need to be careful in the water as the waves are extremely strong. Across the bay, Puerto del Rosario and its harbour are clearly visible.

Children will love the mock "Pirate Ship" play area, which has recently been built on the beach close to the Parador National. This will keep them entertained for hours!

The Parador National belongs to the Office of the Secretary General for Tourism. The word 'parador' means 'stopping place'.

According to my research, the 'Paradores of Spain' is a chain of lodging places set up by the Ministry of Tourism in places of special interest or remote locations. It was the idea of the Marques de la Vega-Inclan in 1926 when he was Royal Tourist Commissioner.

The first Parador was in the Madrid area on mainland Spain, and later on they were set up at distances that were considered a day's travelling apart. Their initial intention was to provide inexpensive accommodation to travellers in areas that would not normally be profitable. Secondly it was a good use for all the run-down monuments and historic buildings that would otherwise be left to fall apart. Nowadays they include modern, attractive buildings as well as ancient places such as castles, convents and monasteries.

Each parador is a hotel with all facilities and rooms with bathroom, hot and cold water and central heating.