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News Archive 2008


Cocosol raises the flags

The flagpoles have now been painted and flags raised.

Palm Gardens changes colour

Palm Gardens

Building work is almost complete. The colour of Palm Gardens has been toned down...

Happy Birthday John

John's Birthday John's Birthday

Hope you enjoyed your day!

John's Birthday John's Birthday John's Birthday John's Birthday

Community Event - "Bring and Fry" Barbecue - Sunday 3rd February 2008

"Bring and Fry" Barbecue Feb 08 "Bring and Fry" Barbecue Feb 08

A "Bring and Fry" barbecue was held on the veranda by the pool. Later in the evening, the festivities carried on down in the dungeon.

Many Owners and Guests attended, as can be seen in the following photos...

Phyl Jim John "Bring and Fry" Barbecue Feb 08 Kevin "Bring and Fry" Barbecue Feb 08 "Bring and Fry" Barbecue Feb 08 Ali and Di "Bring and Fry" Barbecue Feb 08 "Bring and Fry" Barbecue Feb 08 "Bring and Fry" Barbecue Feb 08 Irene and Yvonne



Painting - Day 5 - 30 January 2008

The Final Countdown

Work on the fence was completed today. Even the weeds and litter were removed from the roundabout!

Special thanks go to all the volunteers for a wonderful job achieved in such a short space of time.

Here are the volunteers on the final day...

Mary and Diane Sean Dave Baz Jim Ray, John and Colin Mary, Ray, Colin, Diane and Jim Ray and John

Pat Pat and Mary

Last but not least is Pat, who ensured both volunteers and brushes were free of paint at the end of each day, and kept refreshments running!

Pictured is Mary having a "clean-up".

Painting - Day 4 - 29 January 2008

At the end of Day 4

Volunteers on Day 4...

Ray and Colin (John's taking the photos) Linda, Gary and Mary Diane, Linda, Ali and Lyn Sean

Painting - Day 3 - 28 January 2008

At the end of the day..

The front of reception got a lick of paint too. Doesn't it look fabulous?

The day in pictures...

Ray, John, Dermot, Peter and Dave Gary and Jim Mary, Diane and Jim Peter, Ray and John Dermot Mary Ray, Diane and Peter

28 January 2008


Douglas painting the balustrades outside reception.

Painting Update - 27 January 2008 - Day 2


Painting Commences - 26 January 2008 - Day 1

Work commenced on the railings at 8:00am this morning, firstly hammering off the loose paint and rust, and then painting began.

Here follows a pictorial view of the day's work. A huge thank you to all the volunteers, we achieved far more than we imagined. Well done.

At the end of Day 1...

Puppy meets his girlfriend from the building site - 25 January 2008

Painting the Railings - Latest Update 22 January 2008

The railings are going to be painted in Black Hammerite. The paint is on order, to be delivered this Thursday. Equipment such as chipping hammers, goggles, gloves, rollers, brushes etc have also been purchased.

Painting the Railings

Cocosol Community Management have agreed to buy Hammerite paint, brushes and chipping hammers to paint the exterior railings.

We have several volunteers from the Cocosol Owners and Residents; but we are looking for a good few more. The more volunteers we can muster, the more chance we have of finishing in one go! If anybody has any spare time please feel free to lend a hand.

We are having an informal meeting at the pool bar, on Thursday 24th, at 2:00pm to discuss plans, with the intention of starting painting on Saturday 26th January.

Please come along if you wish to take part. Watch this page for photos.


Happy 60th Birthday Maurice!!

A surprise party was held to celebrate Maurice's birthday before he left for the UK.

Maurice (left) and Peter Dot brings in the cake Maurice cuts the cake Kevin and Sean sing karaoke The party revellers

Cheers from Kevin and Sean

Hope you had a good one Maurice!

The Cocosol cats are missing Liz already...

Liz Liz

Liz did a fantastic job looking after the cats on her recent visit to Cocosol, please come back soon....

Cocosol.co.uk sponsors Pumpkin and Boo - Twinkle Trust rescue cats...

Pumpkin is female and is 2 years old - She went to the Twinkle Trust farmhouse in 2006 at approx 1 year old, after she was found with 1 surviving kitten (her other kittens were found dead close by). She and her kitten were in danger and could not be left where they were. Initially Twinkle Trust tried to re-home Pumpkin but as no home could be found she now lives at their farmhouse. She was a very devoted Mum and is very friendly to people.

Boo is male and is 2 years old - Boo went to the Twinkle Trust with his brother in 2006 at approx 7 months old. They were living rough in the main town of Puerto del Rosario and were in need of help. Boo is rather shy of people and afraid of dogs (except Molly the dog, who is the new addition to Leahn and Sasha's four legged family). Boo even spent a day and a night on top of an electrical pole after being chased up it by some local dogs. Once he knows you he is so pleased to have a stroke and cuddle and purrs very softly.

Visit Twinkle Trust Sponsorship for more details.

Puppy in search of lost love....

Puppy looking for his new girlfriend

Puppy is pining for his new girlfriend who can often be seen at the Palm Gardens complex.