01 July 2022 08:34

The temperature in Fuerteventura is 21.0°C, with 18.4 MPH winds.

Mirror Wardrobes

We decided to give the wardrobes a bit of a face lift, the object of the exercise to give the bedroom a brighter, airier feel, but still maintaining the traditional spanish style of the woodwork.

This we achieved by fixing mirror glass to the doors.

We set out for Peurto del Rosario to find a glaziers - cristaleria. Not as easy as it sounds. First stop we found a guy who sold conservatories. The second shop was a double glazing place but eventually we found the cristaleria.

We handed over the sizes of the mirror glass we required, paid and returned a few hours later. The edges had been bevelled for safety reasons.

Glass Safe Silicone

The job itself is relatively easy to do. Open the doors to 90 degrees and then simply lift the doors up and off the retaining hinge pins. Sand the centre panels to allow the silicone to grip to the wood and not the varnish. Dust down the doors, lay them flat, apply silicone to the doors and the mirrors and position accordingly. Keep these flat overnight. Rehang the doors onto the hinge pins.