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Cool site - 23/12/08

I really like your website and this forum, you are very organised!!! - 12/3/08

Great website! - 2/3/08

"We thought the website was ace, one of the best we have seen. We look forward to coming over to the island again." - 23/01/07

"Congratulations on your web site, (Excellent)." - 6/11/06

"The website is fantastic and is great for keeping people up to date with what is happening. Well done." - 9/10/06

"Excellent info what a very good idea, well done." - 9/10/06

"I just wanted to let you know that we have looked at your site and we both thought it was excellent, very easy to follow and very detailed and well presented." - 31/05/06

"Thanks John & Diane for this site it's great. Will enjoy reading any news." - 23/5/06

"Good web site, can tell my friends and relatives back in uk to view, so that they can see I am in a nice site to live." - 22/5/06

"Came across your website by accident. Great site keep up the good work." - 13/5/06

"I would like to thank to Mr and Mrs Robinson for doing this website..
I would like to inform you that you have all my support." Nico.- 2/5/06

"It was good to find the site, a friend told me about it - had to check out the pictures" - 11/4/06

"Your web site is very good, very informative well done you." - 29/3/06

"Just been looking at the website and I think its absolutely fab! Keep up the good work with the site!" - 27/3/06

"I found the site today while trawling through the internet. I am also an owner on Cocosol. Anyway great site and one which I will make regular use of and contributions to." - 24/3/06