12 August 2022 11:06

The temperature in Fuerteventura is 25.0°C, with 13.8 MPH winds.

The Complex

Aerial View of Cocosol

Here is an aerial view of Cocosol and some of the neighbouring complexes in Costa Antigua.

Cocosol can be found at the end of Calle Isla de la Graciosa in Costa Antigua, which is situated between Caleta de Fuste and the Airport.

Cocosol Bungalows

The complex comprises of 112 bungalows, each with lounge, dining room/kitchen, bathroom and one bedroom, adequately sized for a family of four. Each bungalow also has its own front patio area, fringed with a hibiscus hedge. The bungalows are privately owned but some are available for rent.

Roundabout outside Cocosol

As can be seen in the photograph there is a strange sculpture in the centre of the roundabout which vaguely resembles an old steam iron. Perhaps somebody could enlighten us as to what this actually depicts.

Cocosol Gardens

The complex itself is well over 16 years old, which perhaps explains why the gardens are so stunning. Sprawling trees and cacti abound, with a multitude of plants intermingled between. The Cocosol cats are also a favourite with everybody.

Cocosol Reception


A security firm is also contracted to patrol the complex.

Cocosol Verandah

Walking through reception you will notice, to the left, the verandah which offers panoramic views across to the sea.

Looking to the right is a laundry room. You can purchase tokens from reception for the washer and drier. There are also toilets here.

The bar on the complex is frequented mostly by owners and guests. We have enjoyed several organised events here.


Cocosol Pool

Looking straight ahead the swimming pool looks very inviting, but beware - the water is cold!

Childrens Paddling Pool - Cocosol

Cocosol Childrens Playground

Especially for the children is a paddling pool and a playground.

A glimpse of Cocosol past can be seen here.