28 January 2022 05:17

The temperature in Fuerteventura is 17.0°C, with 12.7 MPH winds.

Cocosol Community Cats

Tiggy up a tree

As you will see when you visit Cocosol there are several community cats. We can't help but spoil them when we are there, but they all have a job to do keeping mice and cockroaches at bay. To date we have only seen a couple of cockroaches in total at the complex, so the cats are certainly doing their job!

The cats are well looked after by the owners and visitors and are also tended to by volunteers from the charity organisation Twinkle Trust Animal Aid.

Twinkle Trust Animal Aid is a charitable body that helps to look after cats across the entire island. You will notice that one ear has had a corner clipped. This denotes that they have been neutered/spayed.

This voluntary scheme is run by vets who visit Fuerteventura every year. There is a collection box behind the bar for any kind donations. Please give generously if you can. The foundation does a wonderful job.

Tiggy asleep

Each cat, I am certain, is adopted by the owners and visitors alike, fed and cuddled just like our pets at home.


Pirate, on the other hand, adopts Carrol and Ray when they stay at Cocosol!

The cats come in many different colours, shapes and sizes, each with their own personalities.


This is Sammy . He has two fangs protruding and unfortunately has a problem eating. His food has to be mushed for him to eat it.


This is Princessa, who belongs to Pasqual, the gardener.


Now who is this cutie? This is Bella.

Jasper Leo

Felix Misty

Mona Ol Blue Eyes ??

Yang Ying

Yang and Ying

With special thanks to Ali and Kev for supplying some of the cats names.

We will try to photograph all the cats, perhaps some of the other owners or visitors can then contact us to let us know their correct name or send us a photo.