28 January 2022 04:55

The temperature in Fuerteventura is 17.0°C, with 12.7 MPH winds.

Backtrax, off-road Motorcycle Tours

Backtrax can be found underneath the Hotel Elba Antigua Suites in Caleta de Fuste.

Backtrax Premises

Backtrax is a family-run business fronted by Dave and Jo. They organise tours for novice off-road riders right through to the more experienced.

Bikes and equipment

Husqvarna TE250 bikes and full Wulfsport kit, which includes, helmet, body armour, suit, gloves and boots, are provided. All the equipment is first class.

I chose to go on two of the many tours available:

Refreshments provided

The Local Tour

As I had never been off-road before Dave suggested I try out the Local Tour which covers approximately 70 km and lasts for approx two and a half hours. This started off at the Backtrax premises on tarmac roads, progressing onto the off-road tracks which covers approximately 90 per cent of the tour.

Scenery on the tour

All types of surfaces from slow to fast are encountered.

Travelling through valleys and villages, some of the scenery is virtually unseeable by car, except for the serious 4 x 4 drivers.

We also passed a microlight landing strip and a camel farm.



I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and booked another tour a couple of days later.

The Shipwreck Tour


This was my second trip which covered approx 110 km and lasted four hours.

Dave taking five

Travelling through the mountains, both on and off-road, heading to the west of the island we were surrounded with stunning scenery and views at every point.

On the beach

We finally reached our destination, the American Star, previously known as the SS Australis, and parked right on the beach.

At the shipwreck

Not many people take the opportunity to get so close to the shipwreck.


Dave is an excellent tour guide. He looks after his clients all of the way, from the start of the tour until the finish.

I would personally recommend Dave and Jo at Backtrax; they put safety, enjoyment and exhilaration into a fun-packed day!

Backtrax Off-Road Motorcycle Tours
Local 1 Hotel Elba Castillo Antigua
Calle José  Franchy Roca
Caleta de Fuste

Tel: 928 160 206

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